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Vlog – Episode 8

Goals and Resolutions

Here’s a video I recorded on December 27 to further explain and introduce my last blog post.  Watch the video and then read last week’s blog.

And as always, feel free to comment freely below…


VLOG – Episode 5, Working HARD!

New VLOG! I haven’t posed a video in a while, just haven’t had much new to say. Listen carefully, the microphone isn’t great on my phone and the music comes in a bit hot at the end. I’m rusty on these…


Vlog 4 – Understanding your Balance Sheet

This week’s Vlog grew out of a conversation I had on Tuesday with young business owner about the importance of building your net worth and managing a balance sheet.



New Media Channel – I’m on YouTube!

Thanks to the camera in my iPhone and a free editing program I downloaded, I am know able to record my thoughts on video!

Here is the first of what I hope will become a new way to communicate my message to the world.  Check out my first Vlog – “What I do and Why I do It.”

Let me kow what you think!  Feedback is always appreciated.