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VLOG – Episode 5, Working HARD!

New VLOG! I haven’t posed a video in a while, just haven’t had much new to say. Listen carefully, the microphone isn’t great on my phone and the music comes in a bit hot at the end. I’m rusty on these…



Vlog 4 – Understanding your Balance Sheet

This week’s Vlog grew out of a conversation I had on Tuesday with young business owner about the importance of building your net worth and managing a balance sheet.



New Media Channel – I’m on YouTube!

Thanks to the camera in my iPhone and a free editing program I downloaded, I am know able to record my thoughts on video!

Here is the first of what I hope will become a new way to communicate my message to the world.  Check out my first Vlog – “What I do and Why I do It.”

Let me kow what you think!  Feedback is always appreciated.