Ministry Discernment

Most ministries, whether they be churches, para-church outreach programs, or other charitable organizations will at one time or another struggle to find their direction and their footing.

At the Matthew 5:5 Society our Ministry Discernment programs are designed to assist ministry organizations develop Mission, Vision and Value Statements that are more than just plaques that hang on the walls.  Mission Statements are nice but without the all-important implementation and operational plans they are just that – nice.

A mission statement without an implementation plan, is a just a platitude.

We offer workshops and on-going consulting with titles such as:

On Mission – Who are we and why are we here?

Our Vision, our Values – Living our calling.

LeaderSheep – Leading from a posture of submission.

Send us a note for more information and stay tuned for the upcoming release of the new book by L C Sheil “LeaderSheep:  Leading from a Posture of Submission in Business, Ministry and Life.”  tentatively scheduled for the fall of 2018.



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